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Welcome to St Peter’s CE Primary School website. We hope you find the site useful as we want to keep parents fully informed about what is happening at St Peter’s School.
Steve Wedgeworth Headteacher


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  • 05Oct

    Celebration Assembly

    In this weeks celebration assembly, Y6 won reading stars and Y5 won attendance! Well done upper KS2, keep it up!!

  • 09Jul


    The last few weeks of term are always the busiest!! So to keep up to date use our calendar found at the top right of our home page or our monthly newsletter.

  • 09Jul

    National Football Museum

    Tomorrow (10.07.18) is Y5’s school trip to the National Football Museum to complete their topic around the world cup! Please arrive to school on time and with packed lunches in disposable bags. Any pupils and school dinners will have their packed lunch provided.

  • 26Jun

    *Hot Weather*

    With weather set to be HOT this week, please ensure that your child is appropriately equipped. Please send your child in with suncream on, sun hat and a water bottle that can be filled with cold water throughout the day.

  • 22Jun

    Charity Cake and Coffee Afternoon

    This week we had a charity cake and coffee event. We would firstly like to thank all those that attended our event, you were extremely generous with your donations. Secondly, we are continuing to sell cakes next week to add to our running total. If you would like to buy a cake, we will be […]

  • 22Jun

    Eid Mubarak!

    We hope everyone who celebrated Eid last Friday had a wonder day! On Monday 25th June we will be having our very own Eid party in the afternoon. Pupils are welcome to wear their own party clothes and bring their own food.

  • 05Jun

    Welcome Back

    Welcome back! We hope you have all had a wonderful week off! Please have a check of the most recent newsletter to see any upcoming event.

  • 17May

    Christian Aid

    Tomorrow (Friday 18th May) is all about Christian Aid. We have lots going on! Cake sale , relay race , odd jobs at home , build a house competition and helping hand for Y6 . Also, for £1 you can come dressed as a hero or in red for Christian Aid