Children Returning Guidance

Principles of safety for parents during Covid-19 pandemic

Reserving a place for your child in school

As we re-open to more children, you will be contacted by a member of school staff if your child is eligible for a place and asked if you would like to send them to school. You will be given a start time and a finish time for your child. If you told us that you do not wish your child to return to school but then change your mind, you must contact school to arrange this. Children will not be allowed in school unless this has been agreed with school staff.

Children or parents/carers with symptoms

Please do not send your child to school if anybody in your household is displaying the symptoms of coronavirus. The main symptoms are:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss of change to sense of smell or taste

Please contact school on 0161 764 2017 or if anybody in your household is displaying any of these symptoms.

Dropping off and picking up

In the interests of safety, please could parents and carers follow the guidance below:

  • To reduce the number of adults in the school grounds, only 1 parent/carer should drop off or pick up a child
  • Maintain at least a 2 metre distance from other parents, children and staff whenever possible
  • Parents must not visit the school office or ask to speak to your child’s teacher face-to-face. Please phone 0161 764 2017 or email and we will make sure you receive a response.
  • Please stick to the drop-off and pick up times you have been given. It is important that parents are on-time as the office staff will have to sign the children in late as parents must not come into the building. Please do not arrive too early as this will lead to a build of people waiting around entrances.
  • When you have dropped off or picked up your child, please leave the school grounds as soon as possible.

Your journey to/from school

  • Avoid public transport where possible (walk or use a car if you can)
  • If you do need to use public transport or a taxi, take a face covering and take hand sanitiser with you
  • During your journey maintain a 2 metre distance where possible


  • Children do not need to wear school uniform. We advise parents to wash children’s clothes daily.
  • Children must bring a water bottle each day from home. The water fountains are out of use.
  • Free school meal vouchers will stop once your child re-starts school
  • Staff will discuss safety with your child. Any child who is behaving in an unsafe manner will be isolated immediately and parents will be contacted.
  • If you need to collect your child at a time other than at the end of the school day please ring the school office in advance to inform them of the time you will be collecting and the reason why. Staff will sign your child out of school to avoid parents having to come into school