School Sport Clubs

We have a number of after-school and lunch time clubs that are ran by different members of staff.

Letters are sent at the end of the half-term, so that you can sign your child up for any club they may wish to attend.

Once your child has received a place in a club you will receive a text confirming this place.

If your child isn’t able to attend their club parents/carers must collect their child through the office, unless prior

arrangement have been made via the office. 


Day Event Year Group Staff
Monday Dance 1 & 2 Mrs Jamil
Monday Choir KS2 Miss Shatliff/Mrs Cheadle
Tuesday Pound Fit 4 & 5 Miss Shatliff
Tuesday Fun Fitness 2 & 3 Mrs Jamil
Tuesday French 3 Miss Caygill
Wednesday Athletics 1 & 2 Mrs Jamil
Wednesday Football 5 & 6 Mr Chapman
Thursday Dodgeball & Bench Ball 3 & 4 Mrs Khan
Friday Cheerleading KS2 Mrs Macari