Welcome to The EYFS

Miss Kilduff (Nursery) & Miss Caygill (Reception) 

Chinese New Year

To celebrate chinese new year reception have been lucky enough to 

have lots of different foods to try!  


Autumn Walk

As the leaves began to fall from the trees, Nursery went out on a walk around the local area

to see what they could find. 


Nursery found lots of different coloured leaves, they even brought some back to class to look at.  


Christmas Show

Whoops-a-Daisy Angel

This years EYFS production was Whoops-a-Daisy Angel. The tale of

a very important angel and her journey to Bethlehem. Nursery looked wonderful

and sang beautifully and whilst Reception performed amazingly.  


Stay and Play

Nursery invited their parents and carers to join them in Nursery. 


Art Week

Nursery – Jackson Pollock

Nursery had lots of fun making their own artwork inspired by Jackson Pollock. 







Useful Information

The children start school at 8.40, coming in to Good Morning Maths, activities and name writing for Reception in their morning books. Miss Caygill and Miss Kilduff are available to answer any questions and deal with any concerns as well as hear your exciting news! We get the children ready to leave for 3.05pm to allow parents with older children to have time to collect them from the other doors after collecting Nursery or Reception children.

For children staying for dinners in Nursery and children on school dinners in Reception, the menu is in the Reception entrance to help your child to choose what they would like. We also try to send home menus regularly and they are on the school dinners website.

Our Family Learning classes are great fun. We have had one really successful term  with Mrs Hood, and will keep you posted on when the next term is available.

We also love singing every Friday. We have singing for Nursery in the mornings, before home time, and singing at 2.40 for the afternoon Nursery and Reception together. The more the merrier! We welcome families to join in the fun, and find that it is well loved by brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who haven’t started at Nursery yet!

Reception children have their books changed three times a week, more if possible. Nursery children have a home-school library system. Reception also have homework weekly, with practical activities to do together to keep everyone involved in what is happening at school and at home.

We always try to use the children’s interests, so although we have our plan ready for the term, it can change dramatically as the children develop, which is why currently we have several topics in the unit – animals, pirates and dinosaurs! But all of the topics are planned through the careful progression of the EYFS.

For any other information on our practice and policies, just ask or arrange a time to come and see us. We welcome your involvement, and appreciate any support with reading, craft, cooking and baking, walks, visitors – anything!

Thank you, Miss Caygill and Miss Kilduff