Welcome to Year Five 

Mrs Peters (Year 5) 

Clothes Design

As part of our topic work we took on clothes designing. We started off with a HUGE pile of clothes, we sifted

through the clothes looking for inspiration. 

We then chose our items that we were going to customise. Have a look at our finish products!  

Science Week

Year five firstly working in class on an investigation, they were looking at building a basket that would be able to

transport a tomato SAFELY.

Next, we went to work with Mr B, Balestra Workshops (@Wow_workshops).


Christian Aid – Workshop

Mr Beedie came from Christian Aid to talk to us about how we can help in the world. His suitcase weighs the same amount

as we use in greenhouse gases each day!! 19.5kg! The children couldn’t lift it!

Attendance Party

Year 5 recently celebrated their fabulous attendance, with a party. They played darts, Lego, Funny Bunny (Mrs P lost!)


DT Week

Year five made their own phone cases.

Initially, year five practised their stitching and experimented with different techniques and designs. Firstly using card squares then moving onto material. 

Year five then moved on to designing and creating their own personalised phone covers.


Anti-Bullying Workshop

We have been lucky enough to have a visit from Rhema Theatre Company looking at Anti-Bullying! It’s such an important topic, we all really enjoyed the assembly and workshops!




CPR Training

In key stage two we had visitors from the local fire service. They came in a talked to us about CPR in assembly and they also worked with each ks2 class. We learnt alot!


Art Week

 In our first week back at school we celebrated Art Week Each year group learnt about and produced artwork from a certain movement or artist. Year five are looking at Fauvism.