Welcome to Year Five 

Mrs Travis

Yellow Brick Road

02/03/20 – 03/03/20

In Year five we are reading ‘Journey To The Sea’. 

We worked with the Yellow Brick Road Drama Group to explore the text and create a soundscape.

Art Week

24/02/20- 27/02/20

Year five looked at the artist Beatriz Milhazes duringing art week. She is a Brazilian artist and is known for her work juxtaposing

Brazilian cultural imagery and references to western Modernist painting.

Poetry Week

24/02/20 – 27/02/20

We had the wonderful Matt Goodfellow (poet) visit us in Y5 and do a workshop with us.

We then went on to create our own poems. 

Safer Internet Day


As part of safer internet day we had a workshop to help us understand the dangers and how to deal with them.

DT Week

27/01/20 – 31/01/20

During DT Week year five explored different fruits from around the world.

First they tasted different fruits and decided which ones they like and didn’t like they then designed their own fruit salads. 


Year five then got the chance to create their own fruit salads as a group. 


Poetry Week

09/12/19 – 13/12/19

During poetry week we learnt and performed our poetry at St. Peter’s Church alongsider year four. 


Reading Buddies


This term we are continuing our Reading Buddies Scheme. This

matches up years five children with children from reception, they meet regularly at lunch times to read together.

This week they met up and had a cake, drink and chat to get to know each other. 

River Irwell


Today Y5 visited the River Irwell to begin their topics ‘Rivers and Mountains’. 

Tatton Park – Vikings


Year five have begun their topic of ‘The Vikings’. They visited Tatton Park and experienced

many different aspects of viking life.

Art Week

03/09/19 – 06/09/19

In year five we have been looking at Georgia O’Keeffe.

She was an American artist who was best known for her painting of flowers and landscapes.

We first learnt about Georgia and her early life & work.

First we each chose a landscape photo and tried to replicate using different techniques.