Welcome to Year Five 

Mrs Travis

Road Safety


We have looked at crossing the road safely by walking around the local community. 



DT Week

Global Food

04/06/19 – 07/06/19


DT week for year five this term was focused on global food.

First we researched and explored a range of global foods. 


Then after tasting a range of foods, we decided what we liked and didn’t like and using that information

we designed our own fruit salads to eat at our Eid Party. 



Lark Hill Place


Continuing with their topic of Victorians, year five visited Lark Hill Place in Salford. 

First, they looked at victorian artifacts and had to use their detective skill to uncover the true use. 

Next they got to dress up as victorians. 

Then they finally got to explore the victorian streets!


Victorian Day


As part of their new topic, year five had a ‘Victorian Day’. They dressed and ate as victorians and also experienced a victorian classroom (It was very strict!!).


Rio Carnival – Class Assembly


Year five have been learning all about Rio in their topic work and finally they got to show their family and friends what they learnt.

They did an amazing job with the wonderfully bright and interesting assembly. 

Visit from Derby High School


Past and present pupil came together when Derby High School came to visit year five. They created short drama scenes

together and then performed them to each other.  

Arts On The Move – William Shakespeare Workshop



In year five they have been reading William Shakespeare’s Macbeth and ‘Arts On The Move’ came into to help them dig deeper into the story.

First we discussed and recorded down what we already knew about the murder of Banquo.   

Next, they were given individual roles to play. Some were characters from the story others were detectives trying to solve the crime.  

As the case developed they were given evidence and were asked to write down their thoughts. 

Eventually they got to interrogate some of the suspects and decide who was responsible for the murder of Banquo. 

Science Day


We celebrate science day each year with lots of fun experiments in class and also a wonderful science project competition. 

World Book Day


Today we all celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favour characters. 

In the afternoon we invited in all the parents to join in with our guided reading session. 

Science – Mr B


Mr B introduced our new topic of forces. He talked about the forces

used to power the first train-Stephenson’s rocket. 


Yellow Brick Road Drama Group


Year five worked with Alice and Violet exploring another of Shakespeare’s plays

Julius Caesar. They are still debating did the ghost of Brutus appear or not?

Derby High School Trip


Year five went to Derby High School and worked with year ten on scenes from the play

Midsummer Night’s Dream which  year five are studying in class as part of their topic on William Shakespeare




Art Week

11/02/19 – 15/02/19

In year five they looked at the Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes, continuing

their topic work on Brazil. 

Letter to Jair Bolsonaro.



Year 5 wrote to the president of Brazil -Jair Bolsonaro, to express their concern
about birds from Brazil being endangered.
After working hard on their letters, they went to their local postbox and posted off the letter.
We cannot wait for a response!


Reading Buddies


This term at St. Peter’s we have introduced a new reading group called Reading Buddies. This

matches up years 5 & 6 with children from year 2, they meet regularly at lunch times to read together. 

Letter to Jair Bolsonaro


Year 5 have written to the president of Brazil -Jair Bolsonaro, to express their concern
about birds from Brazil being endangered. They have explained the problem and have
made suggestions as to what can be done to ensure these birds don’t become extinct.


Food Tasting – Topic


As part of our topic work we tasted tropical fruit together.

It was really yummy! 


Rio Carnival Day


As part of their topic work of ‘Carnival’ they had their very own Rio Carnival in class. 

They each designed their own party masks and listened to carnival music. 


Art Week

05/09/18- 07/09/18

Georgia O’Keeffe – Modernism


Year five have been learning about Georgia O’Keeffe and her beautifully famous floral pieces.

To start off our project we learnt all about Georgia O’Keeffe’s artwork and what influenced her. 


Next we worked on some techniques that were used to create numerous Georgia O’Keeffe pieces. 

We then designed our own floral pieces influenced by Georgia O’Keeffe. 

Finally we selected our favourite design and created it.