Welcome to Year Four

Miss Shatliff

Maths Day


As part of maths day, year four designed and made their very own maths games. 

DT Week

10/06/19 – 15/06/19

For year four’s DT week they have been looking at ‘Edible Garden’. 

They have looked at a range of ingredients that can be found in the garden, with this they have created bruschetta.

Anglo-Saxon – Topic


We have begun our new topic of Anglo-Saxons! 

We first searched the school grounds to see what Anglo-Saxon artifacts we could find! 

Then we returned to the classroom to create a timeline of the Anglo-Saxons.



Sharing Our Story


Year four have written and illustrated their own books based on ‘Tornado Slim and the magic cowboy hat’. They then read them to Year two.

Science Day


We celebrate science day each year with lots of fun experiments in class and also a wonderful science project competition. 

World Book Day


Today we all celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favour characters. 

In the afternoon we invited in all the parents to join in with our guided reading session. 


Mr B – Electricity Workshop


Continuing with their science topic of electricity, year four worked with Mr B (one of our favourite visitors) we looked at a range of

experiments around electricity. We had some fun looking at static electricity and we also

completed missions on our own personal circuits.  



Together year four and six visited the Manchester museum of science and industry to look

at electricity (main focus) but they also got to look at a range of different scientific things. 

First they watched a show all about revolution Manchester. 

Next they got to explore the museum.

Finally they had an electricity workshop. They tried out different inventions

and learnt how circuits work. 


Art Week

11/02/19 – 15/02/19

Year four have been continuing with their Victorian topic, they looked at silhouette work and also L.S Lowry.


Salford Museum


Year four are continuing with their topic of Victorians! They visited Salford Museum to extend

their knowledge on the Victorians. They got to learn how to wash their clothes, play with typical

victorian toys and also they got to look around the art gallery and look at the victorian art. 


States of Matter


Year four have been using chocolate & butter to look at states of matter, looking at the melting points. 



Victorian Day


Year four have been looking at Victorians as their topic and they recently had a full day of victorian activities! 

First, the children got to look at, explore and play with different typical victorian toys.

They also experienced what it was like to be a pupil during the victorian times.


They discovered that the food wasn’t really the best for victorian children.

They had a fun filled day with lots of different experiences.

Art Week

05/09/18- 07/09/18

 Matisse – Fauvism

Year four have really enjoyed looking at Fauvism, in particular Henri Matisse.