Welcome to Year Four

Mrs Hurst (Year 4)

DT Week

Year four were given the brief of designing and functional kite.

They began by researching Homan Walsh, who was one of the youngest kite flyers and famously aided in the building of the Niagara Falls Bridge. The children then analysed kite shapes and evaluated how easy they would be to build followed by designing and annotating their own kits. Selecting from a range of materials and tools, the children joined their kite structures and attached the sail and line

The children tested their kits on the playground and evaluated their products against the design criteria that they had decided on.

Viking Longships

As part of our viking topic we created viking longships. We used clay to mould the longship.

Then we used a lollipop stick as our mast. After that, we used paper to create the large sail and shields. 

CPR Training

In key stage two we had visitors from the local fire service. They came in a talked to us about CPR in assembly and they also worked with each ks2 class. We learnt alot!


Art Week

In our first week back at school we celebrated Art Week. Each year group learnt about and produced art work from a certain movement or artist. Year four are looking at surrealism.