Welcome to Year Four

Miss Shatliff

Science – Digestion (Continued)


Continuing with their digestion topic, year four looked at excrement. 

Science – Digestion


Year four are learning about digestion. They recreated how food is passed through the body. 

United Utilities


Year 4 have been looking at the water cycle. We were lucky enough to have a visit from one

of our main, local water suppliers, United Utilities. We learnt about each stage of the cycle in

depth. We also learnt about the importance of our role in conserving

water and treating dirty water. We even got lots of resources to take home.

It was a brilliant day!

Children In Need


As always we supported CIN as a school, this year we wore spots or yellow. 

The Twits


Year four have been reading the story The Twits. They created story boards, scripts and also

pops they would need during the performance.


The Ancient Greeks


Year 4 loved their topic of Ancient Greece in the Autumn term. They were so inspired

by Greek architecture that they went away and made some incredible Greek temples.

Thank you to the parents who helped with this.


Art Week

03/09/19 – 06/09/19

Year four have been looking at Pablo Picasso. First they looked at Picasso’s early life and his paintings.

Finally, they took inspiration from his art and created their own.