Welcome to Year Four

Miss Shatliff

Salford Museum

Year four are continuing with their topic of Victorians! They visited Salford Museum to extend

their knowledge on the Victorians. They got to learn how to wash their clothes, play with typical

victorian toys and also they got to look around the art gallery and look at the victorian art. 


Victorian Day

Year four have been looking at Victorians as their topic and they recently had a full day of victorian activities! 

First, the children got to look at, explore and play with different typical victorian toys.

They also experienced what it was like to be a pupil during the victorian times.


They discovered that the food wasn’t really the best for victorian children.

They had a fun filled day with lots of different experiences.

States of Matter

Year four have been using chocolate & butter to look at states of matter, looking at the melting points. 

Art Week

 Matisse – Fauvism

Year four have really enjoyed looking at Fauvism, in particular Henri Matisse.