Welcome to Year One

Mrs Ali & Miss Jones (Year 1)


Science Day


We celebrate science day each year with lots of fun experiments in class and also a wonderful science project competition.  

World Book Day


Today we all celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favour characters. 


Yellow Brick Road Drama Group


Year two looked at The Stick Man in their session with The yellow Brick Road drama group. 

They then created soundscapes for the different seasons. They looked at the seaside and making a snowman. 

Little Explorers


Little Explorers is our new topic for this half term. 

We began by taking part in an exciting treasure hunt. They used a

plan and had to follow directions.

They found the yummy treasure at the end of their hunt!

Our Class Assembly


Continuing our topic of space, we looked at the first moon landing

in our class assembly. 

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Art Week

11/02/19 – 15/02/19

Year One have been  looking at the work of Peter Thorpe.
He uses abstract art for the background in his paintings and space features eg. rockets
and planets in the foreground.

Spaceman in School


Year One have had an unusual visitor in their class!!!

Mr B the spaceman spent the day in year one and they learnt all about space and what it’s like to be an astronaut! 

Visiting St. Peter’s Church


Year one visited St. Peter’s Church in link with their RE. They were given a tour around by

Rev. Joyce and they looked at a lot of different things in the church. 


Art Week

05/09/18- 07/09/18

Bridget Riley and Op Art

Year one enjoyed learning about Bridget Riley and her famous pieces of artwork.



They each created their own Op Art inspired by Bridget Riley.