Welcome to Year One

Mrs Hood & Mrs Ali (Year 1)

Christian Aid

Each year, as a school, we have a week of fundraising for Christian Aid. This year we did a range of things such as a sponsored walk,

cake sale, jobs at home and also build a house competition. 

Science Week

In year one we designed, made and tested out our own birds nests. Firstly, we chose different material that we thought would work. We chose materials like twigs, feathers and leaves. 

We then placed them in the trees around the school, we will keep an eye

on them to see if any birds use them.

DT Week

Year one created their own salads.

They designed, made and evaluated their own range of root vegetable salads – carrots, sultanas, potatoes, beetroot and coleslaw. They developed their chopping skills with the bride grip, the claw and fork. They grated, peeled and mixed together the ingredients.

They also thought about what fruit would compliment their root vegetable salads.

Christmas Performance

This year the Key Stage One’s Nativity performance was called ‘Prickly Hay’. They all had a part to play in the show and they all enjoyed taking part! 

Visit to St. Peter’s Church

Year 1 enjoyed their visit to St Peter’s Church today and learnt a lot about how Christians show that they belong to a religious family.



 Meet the Teacher

With the end of year fast approaching we have begun to have our regular ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions. If you unfortunately couldn’t make this then please find below the powerpoint presentation including any information you may need for the new school year!

Year One – Meet the Teacher