Welcome to Year Six

Mrs Travis  & Mrs Ali (Year 6)

Science Week

As part of science week, year six were allowed to independently research a scientific area of interest and create a poster.

Next, year six worked with Mr B from Belestra Workshops (@Wow_workshops ) looking at electricity. 

We started of looking a static electricity, we used balloons, confetti, wool and aluminium cans.

Next, we looked at electrical circuits. We used lots of different components

like motors, bulbs, buzzers and batteries. We discovered that a circuit has to be complete to work and we got to create different circuits to test out what we had learnt.

DT Week

Year six looked at different types of food.

They were asked to name food that they thought came from different countries and say which country it originated from.

Year 6 then had 8 ingredients to look at (mango, lemon grass, chilies, sweet peepers, pineapple, Emmental cheese, salami and kiwi fruit) and decide

What they were, where they came from, how you would prepare them to eat them and what they could be eaten with/in.

They then tasted the food and decided what words they would use to describe the taste.



Paella, Bento and Biryani

Year six revised their knowledge of what makes a balanced diet (Y6 Autumn) They then researched recipes for Paella, Bento and Biryani.

They used the balanced food information to decide if eating Paella, Bento and Biryani was having a balanced meal.

Greek Food

Year six also had a look at a PowerPoint about Greek food.

In class Mrs Travis made a Greek salad–Year six tasted the salad eating it with pitta bread and gave their opinions about the food.

Terrific Scientific

Before half term, Y6 took part in the BBC’s Terrific Scientific investigation. For three days they undertook an online task, an activity (walk/run for 15 minutes, a bleep test and the control-sitting still for 15 minutes) then repeated the online task. The results were sent to the BBC and the BBC commented, “Overall the run/walk had the biggest impact on Year 6’s attention and memory, their attention and memory increased after exercise.”


As part of our ‘welcome to year six’, we get to all go away together! In our second week of year six, we went to Brathay in the Lake District! We did a range of activities throughout our three day/two night stay. On our first day we all went on a mountain climb up Todd Cragg.

On our second day we went canoeing and climbing. We Canoed on Lake Windermere, luckily we had some fantastic weather and the views were amazing… We also got to jump in at the end!

On our final day we did Ghyll Scrambling, this is where you climb up rivers and waterfalls, it was AMAZING!!!


We really did have an amazing time at Brathay and we learnt so much about ourselves and our class mates.

Art Week

In our first week back at school we celebrated ‘Art Week’. Each year group learnt about and produced art work from a certain movement or artist. Year six are looking at the Dada movement or Dadaism.