Welcome to Year Six

Mrs Hurst & Mrs Whiteside

Red Cross – Refugees


Year 6 made some incredible contributions to the British Red Cross workshop on ‘Refugees,

asylum seekers and stigmatisation’. They shared some incredible knowledge, understanding and compassion.

World Book Day


Yellow Brick Road

02/03/20 – 03/03/20

As part of reading week we had the Yellow Brick Road Drama Group in to do a workshop with us.

We explored the book ‘Illegal’ by Eoin Colfer. 

Art Week

24/02/20- 27/02/20

Y6 are looking at trade and economy as their topic this term. Linking with that, we decided to make skyscrapers.

First, we chose our boxes that would make our towers and connected them using tape.

Next, we modroced our base layer to make it secure and we papier mache the other layers.  

After allowing it to dry overnight, we then painted our buildings and stuck on our windows. 

Poetry Week

24/02/20- 27/02/20

In year six we had a workshop with Matt Goodfellow the poet then we created our own poems about people we care about. 


Safer Internet Day


Throughout school we celebrated ‘Safer Internet Day’ by taking part in workshops, class activities and assemblies to look at how to be safe on the internet.

DT Week

20/01/20 – 24/01/20

Continuing with our topic of ‘Sinking Ships’ we made our own boats in DT. 

We first created a success criteria needed for a successful boat and then move on to designed our boats.

Then we created our boats using materials we had brought in from home. 




Year six have begun their new topic of ‘Sinking Ships’, linking to that topic we had a visit from the RNLI. 

The children learnt how to stay safe, a little history of the RNLI ships and also how the RNLI work endlessly to keep us safe in water. 

Poetry Week

09/12/19 – 13/12/19

During Poetry Week, year six wrote a wintery Alaskan inspired poem. 

They learnt this together and performed it to other pupils, staff and parents/careers at St. Peter’s Church. 



The RSPB visited year six to help them with their new science topic of living things.

London Trip


We began our journey to London very early in the morning (6:50).

We took a coach from school to Piccadilly Station to get on the direct Virgin train to London. 

Once we arrived at Euston Station we took a quick tube ride to The London Eye! 


This landmark links closely with our current class read of The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd, it was amazing to

finally see something we have read so much about! 


We enjoyed lunch sat under The London Eye. 

Next we boarded a Thames River Cruise to take in many of the sights that London has to offer.

After we hopped off the cruise we walked towards the Gillian Lynn Theatre to watch The School of Rock! 

It was an amazing show! We all absolutely LOVED IT! 

We then had a quick whistle stop tour of Trafalgar Square lead by Mrs Whiteside! 


London Eye – Breaking News!


We have begun to read The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd! We are really enjoying the story so far! 

One of the main characters Salim has vanished and we have put out a breaking news report, with a description

of his appearance, last whereabouts and key witnesses!  


Art Week

03/09/19 – 06/09/19

In Year 6 we have been looking at Roy Lichtenstein, the famous pop art artist. 

We began the week by researching Roy Lichtenstein and learning all about his life and his painting. 

Next, we tried out different techniques and equipment to achieve the perfect Roy Lichtenstein effect. 

Finally, we chose our favourite techniques, equipment and colours to create our own Roy Lichtenstein inspired portrait.