Welcome to Year Three

Mr Davies (Year 3)

Science Week

For science week, year three started by looking at the effects of exercise on the body.

Next we made ‘poo from the past’. We used a range of ingredients like flour, salt, stock cubes, seeds and oil. We mixed it together to create coprolites (fossilised feces). 

DT Week

During D&T week year 3 were looking at electrical circuits. They were given the task of designing and creating a lamp for themselves or another person. The task required them to think about the electrical components needed and how they would put them together. This involved making a switch and connecting the wires.

The Romans

This term ‘The Romans’ were year fours topic. They learnt a lot about the Romans and even got a visit from a REAL ROMAN!!


Art Week

In our first week back at school we celebrated Art Week. Each year group learnt about and produced art work from a certain movement or artist. Year three are looking at Cubism.