Welcome to Year Three

Miss Willis

DT Week


We are doing Ancient Egypt in topic and our D&T topic is mechanical systems.

The children have researched and designed a shaduf which is a water system the

Egyptians used to get water from the river Nile to their crops. 



Year three’s most recent topic is ‘disaster’. This looks at volcanoes!

They got to make and set off a volcano.


Stones and Bones


A dinosaur had broken in to year 3 !! We began looking for evidence (bones and fossils) to see if we

could work out what kind of dinosaur it was. 

Art Week

03/09/19 – 06/09/19

In Year 3 we have been looking at Henri Matisse, the famous french artist. 

We began the week by researching Matisse and learning all about his life and his painting. 

Using brightly coloured card we created our own Matisse inspired artwork.