Welcome to Year Three

Mr Keogh

Mr B – Science Day


As part of science day, Mr B visited us in year three and we looked at the use of light. 


World Book Day


Today we all celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favour characters. 

Art Week

11/02/19 – 15/02/19

In Year 3 we studied the art of Roman Mosaics, having seen a real one on our trip to Chester. We looked at their history and how they were made. The children then completed some designs of their own in their art sketch books and used small pieces of paper (instead of stone and cement!) to add colour to their mosaics. 

Dewa – Chester


Continuing with their topic of Romans, year three visited Dewa Roman Experience in Chester. 

First they has a fully guided tour of the reconstructions, excavations, museum and the hands-on room.

In the afternoon armed with battle shields and under the ‘strict’ instruction of one of the experienced legionaries, they discover what

it took to become part of the greatest fighting forces the world has ever known. They had to form a testudo,

visit the amphitheatre, defend the walls and prepare for battles.



Year three are learning all about Romans this half-term! They have really enjoyed learning about different parts of their daily life. 

They have been working in groups to research aspects of life in Ancient Rome and have produced some wonderfully informative posters.

Art Week

11/02/19 – 15/02/19

Pablo Picasso

Year three are looking at Picasso and his artwork. To start their Art projects they drew portraits and then cut them up and

repositioned the pieces to make the faces weird and wonderful!

Next they experimented with shapes, they made them and then stuck them on to their portrait.

On the final day they recreated their portraits from scratch and made them as weird and wonderful as possible!