Welcome to Year Two

Mrs Cheadle

DT Week

04/06/19 – 07/06/19

For their DT week project we looked at stitching.

St. Peter’s Church


As part of their RE, year two visited St. Peter’s Church to learn all

about the different things you may find in a church. 


World Book Day


Today we all celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favour characters. 

Food Tasting


Continuing with their African topic, year two got to taste lots of common African foods. 



Year two looked at kente cloth which is woven from brightly coloured strips of

materials and worn on special occasions in Africa. They then did

some paper weaving and made their own patterns. 

Yellow Brick Road Drama Group


Year two have begun their topic of Africa. In their workshop with Yellow Brick

Road they worked on a performance of an African dance.

Art Week

11/02/19 – 15/02/19

Year two have been looking at Paul Klee – abstract artist.

They did portraits of Florence Nightingale in his style.


Reading Buddies


This term at St. Peter’s we have introduced a new reading group called Reading Buddies. This

matches up years 5 & 6 with children from year 2, they meet regularly at lunch times to read together. 

Modern Day Nursing


Continuing their Florence Nightingale topic, year two invited in a modern day nurse to

learn all about her job. It was extremely interesting! 



Florence Nightingale


Year two have been learning all about Florence Nightingale in their topic

work. They had a visit from Florence herself and they learnt all about

her and her work.  



Poetry Week


As part of our ‘Poetry Week’ we invited published author Matt Goodfellow in to talk all about poetry. 

We had an assembly and we heard lots of funny poems from Matt’s books and also learnt the stories behind them! We laughed loads! 

Next Matt came into class to help us work on our own poetry ideas.



Remembrance Day


As part of Remembrance Day each year group in the school created their own poppies, which have

now been turned into a Remembrance Display. 

With year two’s poppies they chose to use scrunched up coloured toilet paper.

We think they look AMAZING! 

Science – Waterproof


Year two have been looking at different materials and testing whether they are waterproof or not. 

Great Fire of London


As part of their topic work, year two worked hard creating the Great Fire of London art pieces. What do you think? 

Maths – Place Value


Year two have been looking at place value using dents to represent tens and ones. 

Art Week 

05/09/18- 07/09/18

Robert Delaunay and Orphism

Year two enjoyed learning about Robert Delaunay and his famous pieces of artwork.