Welcome to Year Two

Mrs Cheadle

Yellow Brick Road

02/03/20 – 03/03/20

As part of reading week we had the Yellow Brick Road Drama Group in to do a workshop with us.

We explored the book Handa’s Hen.

Poetry Week

24/02/20- 27/02/20

We had the wonderful Matt Goodfellow visit KS1, we had an assembly then we worked on poetry in class throughout the week. 

We each created our own poems to perform.

Art Week


Year two have researched and made African masks as part of our Karibu Kenya topic.

Safer Internet Day


The whole school took part in ‘Safer Internet Day’ with workshops and class activities.

Year two read Digiduck – Famous Friend and discussed as a class how to stay safe online and also created a poster with helpful tips.



DT Week



Year two, during DT week, looked at sewing.

They first of all practiced their skills.

Next they designed and made their own puppets. 



Florence Nightingale


Year two had a visit from Florence Nightingale. They learnt all about her and the different things she

used in her career. They had a wonderful time! 

Science -Materials


Continuing with their scientific investigation they also looked at how far they could stretch some materials.

Science -Materials


In Science they have been looking at materials and predicting and test

out what would happen if they rubbed them together.

Art Week

03/09/19 – 06/09/19

Year two have been looking at French artist – Robert Delaunay.

He and his wife invented a new type of art called Orphism, using bright colours and simple shapes. 

Year two enjoyed working with different colours and techniques.