PE and Sports Premium


Please find in the link below the impact table for sports funding for 2017-2018.

Sports Funding 2017 – 2018 Impact Table

2016 -17

Our allocation of PE and Sport Premium for the academic year September 2016 to August 2017 is £8960.

The breakdown of how we are spending the money is as follows:

 £1500:  Dance lessons

The dance lessons will continue to be provided by a specialist dance teacher alongside the school’s PE teacher, which will enable him to further improve his own practice in teaching dance for the future ensuring sustainability. This high quality provision continues to raise children’s attainment in dance considerably, which is seen in the children’s performances at the end of each unit, where children’s skills have progressed considerably from the starting point and are built upon in the next unit

 £4820:  3 additional after school clubs per week

The 3 additional after school clubs are being provided by specialist practitioners from Edstart.  The clubs will target each phase of the school (key stage 1, lower and upper key stage 2) a total 66 pupils will be accessing the 3 additional clubs per week in each term, which is increasing their participation in high quality sport. With the added time working on different physical skills, these pupils will increase their attainment within the PE curriculum.

£1500: Teaching Assistants working with coaches to develop their knowledge of coaching sports sessions

We have a teaching assistant at each club so they can improve their own skills and take over the running of the clubs in the future, providing a sustainability for the clubs in the future, also supporting the attainment of children in lessons through TA’s supporting, using their new knowledge and skills to target next steps.

£500: Continue use of Edstart fitness app

The fitness app is helping us to measure the improved performance of children in physical activity.  It also provides the motivation for the children as they see the effect of their increased participation in school sport. Using this format school will seek to implement its own monitoring of physical fitness, to ensure long term effectiveness, building on next steps to raise attainment.

 £640: Cycling training

Key stage 2 pupils will be given the opportunity achieve level 1 in cycling proficiency through sessions provided by a specialist. This will develop pupil’s knowledge and skills when cycling to and from school, as well as when they are cycling for leisure.

Please click the link below to see the effect of our School Sport Funding.



2015 – 16


Our allocation of PE and Sport Premium for the academic year September 2015 to August 2016 was £8935.

The breakdown of how we spent the money is as follows, alongside how this has impacted the children.


£1420:  Dance lessons

Impact – Reception to Y6 have all experienced specialist dance teaching, raising their attainment in dance.

All children have had the opportunity to learn new movements and work together to perform their dance to other classes in the school.

Year 5 performed their dance at the Derby High School dance festival.

One Year 5 pupil said, “We get to work with other people, having fun and learning how to dance.”

The PE teacher has joined the dance teacher, improving his own practice for the future.


£2400:  2 additional after school clubs per week

Impact – 37 children in Key Stage 2 accessed the additional clubs (Rugby and Multisports) and 24 children in Key Stage 1 (Functional Sports Skills). In 4 case studies children explained what they gained from the clubs and why it was important to them:

“I enjoy when we play games. We play Mr. Freeze, tennis, running, games and exercise all the time. I feel athletic, sporty and good!”

“It’s fun with your friends. It’s important because you get healthy and fit from it!”

“I like the different sports – basketball, football, dribbling, corners. I feel really happy. It’s important so we can grow strong and our blood gets pumping around our bodies and keeps us strong.”

“ I like playing with a team and winning points. I feel happy when I do sports and play all the fun games. It gives us really good exercise.”

The children exercised weekly and added to their understanding of how important it is to exercise for our bodies and minds, and how much fun it could be.


£3735: Additional swimming lessons

Impact – The additional swimming lessons have provided the children with more experience in the swimming pool, this has greatly increased all children’s confidence.

75% of the 28 pupils who were unable to swim at the beginning, are now able to swim at least 10 metres unaided.

39% of the year 4 pupils were successful in achieving the milestone of 25 metres or more.


£895: A new ‘app’ which provides data on children’s fitness levels

Impact – Staff are able to track pupil progress in fitness levels during PE lessons and sports activities. This has enabled the support and involvement of the least active children in developing fitness.