St. Peter’s Staff 2018-2019


Head Teacher 

Mr Wedgeworth


2 Year Old & Nursery

Miss Kilduff – Class Teacher 

Mrs Bird – Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Walton – Level 2 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Johnson – Level 2 Teaching Assistant



Miss Caygill – Class Teacher

Mrs Simpson – Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jamil – Level 2 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Malik – Level 2 Teaching Assistant (1 morning per week)


Year One

Mrs Ali – Class Teacher

Miss O’Connor – Level 2 Pupil Support (pm)

Year Two

Mrs Cheadle – Class Teacher

Mrs Hood – Level 3 Teaching Assistant (Mon – Wed)

Mrs Thorn – Level 3 Teaching Assistant (Thur- Fri)


Year Three

Mr Keogh – Class Teacher

Mrs Macari – Level 3 Teaching Assistant


Year Four

Miss Shatliff – Class Teacher

Mrs Thorn – Level 3 Teaching Assistant (Mon – Wed)


Year Five

Mrs Travis – Class Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Miss Fitzpatrick – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Year Six

Mrs Hurst – Class Teacher

Mrs Whiteside – Class Teacher (am) and Deputy Head

Mrs Rushton – Level 3 Teaching Assistant 


Other Teaching Staff

Mr Chapman – Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Outreach Worker

Mrs Rimmer – Outreach Worker  

Office Staff

Mrs Foster – School Business Manager
Mrs Haworth – Administrative Assistant

Lunchtime supervisors

Ms Withers

Mrs Macari

Ms Williams

Mrs Simpson

Miss Goodyear

Ms Gardner

Mrs Naz

Mrs Attwell

Mrs Rimmer

Mrs Branagan

Miss Williams