Medicines In School

Parents or guardians have prime responsibility for their child’s health and are responsible for supplying information to the school about a pupil’s medical condition. They must let the school know of any changes.

There is no legal duty which requires school staff to administer medication; this is a voluntary role. While teachers have a general professional duty to safeguard the health and safety of their pupils, and to act in ’loco parents’, that is, to act as any reasonable parent would, this does not imply a duty or obligation to administer medication.

Parents are the pupil’s main carers. The parent or a person designated by the parent should attend the school at the appropriate times in order to administer medication.

The policy of the school is not to administer medication or medical care unless the pupil has a medical condition, which if not managed, could limit their access to education. The Head teacher accepts responsibility, in principle, for school staff administering or supervising the taking of prescribed medication or medical care during the school day only where it is absolutely necessary.

It is not necessary:-

  • where a child is prescribed to take medication/receive medical care three times a day which can be done before school, after school and before the child goes to bed
  • •where the parent or another responsible adult can come to school to administer the medication/medical care

The Head teacher and governors refuse to administer non-prescribed medication, e.g. painkillers etc.

In situations where it is absolutely necessary for pupils to take medication or receive medical care in school over a short set period the medication will be supervised by the Head teacher or one of the staff in her/his absence.

The Head teacher and governors reserve the right to refuse to take on the responsibility to administer medication and medical care where they feel parental involvement or a person with greater medical knowledge / expertise would be more appropriate in supervising the procedure.

Where the Head teacher has agreed to a request, prior written agreement from parents or guardians of pupils is required before supervision of medication or medical care can be given by the school staff.