1 John 3:18 Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth

Ethos Council

Our Ethos Group play a vital role in leading our Christian values and ethos within the school. They work hard to make a real difference and represent the views of their classmates with maturity and respect, ensuring that they continue to lead inspirational change and improvements. In addition to their innovative work, they support worship services, write prayers and readings, and plan learning and activities for special Christian celebrations, such as Christmas.
Year 6
" I want to use my voice to make a change in school and at the end of the school year I hope to be a good role model for the younger year groups."
" I want to make a huge difference in our school and share my ideas. I want to encourage people to be an amazing person and I hope to achieve happiness."
Year 5
" I want to work hard and represent Hope, Honesty, Compassion, Community, Love and Respect. I am looking forward to helping to make a spiritual garden."
"I want to join Ethos Council because I want to make a change around school. This is an opportunity for me to make a change."
Year 4
"I am in the Ethos Council because I want to help school and the world. I want to change others and help if they are angry or scared."
" I want to join Ethos Council so that I can look out onto the world and see how I can improve it."
Year 3
" I want to join the Ethos group so that I can make the world a better place."
" I am in the Ethos group so that I can help people to show Hope, Honesty and Compassion to others. I want to make our school different but in a good way."