1 John 3:18 Dear Children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth

Meet the Staff

Mr Wedgeworth


Pre-Nursery  & Nursery
Miss Tomlins

Nursery Class Teacher

Acting EYFS Lead

Miss Evans

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Pre-Nursery

Mrs Simpson

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Nursery

Miss Caygill

Reception Class Teacher

French Lead

Mrs Johnson

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Reception

Mrs Walton

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Reception/Year 1

Year One
Mrs Cheadle

SENCO/ Year 1 Class Teacher

Music Lead

Mrs Hood

Pastoral/ Level 3 Teaching Assistant Year 1

Mrs Khan

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Year 1

Year Two
Miss Shatliff

Year 2 Class Teacher

PE Lead

Mrs Jamil

Level 2 Teaching Assistant Year 2

Year Three
Miss Willis

Year 3 Class Teacher

RE and PSHE Lead

Year Four
Mrs Travis

Assistant Headteacher/Year 4 Class Teacher

Maths and History Lead

Mrs Macari

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Year 4

Year Five
Mrs Whiteside

Deputy Headteacher/Year 5 Class Teacher

English and Curriculum Lead

Mrs Ali

Year 5 Class Teacher

Science Lead

Mrs Thorn

Level 3 Teaching Assistant Year 5

Year Six
Mrs Hurst

Year 6 Class Teacher

Art/DT and Geography Lead

Mrs Rushton

Early Help/Level 3 Teaching Assistant Year 6

Other Teaching Staff
Mr Chapman

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Computing Lead

Office Staff
Mrs Calvert

School Business Manager

Mrs Haworth

Administrative Assistant

Lunchtime Supervisors and Catering Staff
Mrs Withers
Mrs Rushton
Mrs Thorn
Mrs Macari
Ms Williams
Mrs Gardner
Mrs Naz
Mrs Waddington
Mrs Fitzgerald
Miss Campbell
Mrs McClelland
Mrs Oliver
Breakfast/After School Club
Mrs Withers
Mrs Thorn
Mrs Macari
Mrs Fitzgerald
Mrs Naz
School Maintenance
Mr Parton (Caretaker)
Mr Unsworth
Mrs Sadiq